We want to ensure that even the most overlooked rescue pets find the homes they desperately need. Small rescue facilities and shelters are often overlooked as well. Most organizations do not have the personnel, budget, or marketing savvy to pull a large audience to ensure they receive the donations, fosters, and adoptions they require. Small shelters typically rely on private donations; for that reason, funding shortfalls are common for these organizations. 


Our Mission is two-fold: 


  • First - To fill these funding deficiencies by spotlighting shelters and rescue facilities that are saving lives and making an impact in their communities.

  • Second - To draw attention to rescue pets that are stuck in shelters far too long and to connect them with their forever and loving homes.

We will spotlight one shelter or rescue facility every month. We will provide you with information on the Shelter of the Month and ask you to share this information with your friends and loved ones. 


Each month, we will also spotlight a Rescue Pet that has lived in a shelter too long. We ask you to share our Rescue Pet's photo and information with your community to help spread the word.


While donations are greatly appreciated and needed, we understand not everyone has the financial ability to help monetarily. If you are unable to donate money, you can donate your energy and love by spreading the word, joining our community, and volunteering your time at a local shelter. Volunteering is fulfilling work. Not only will you be helping a shelter in need, but your mental health and your outlook on life will benefit immensely from this work.


We are a small team looking to make a BIG impact. We need your assistance finding organizations that need our help. If you know a shelter or rescue facility that will benefit from being spotlighted, nominate them here!


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